Learn to discover your abilities that will help you achieve your goals. Overcome the struggle with your emotional
& behavioural problems without an emphasis on your past

A safe space where you don’t have to worry about answering “Why do you think/feel that way?”

Find the solution by asking the right questions “What can be done/what comes next?

  • Focus on the present & the future
  • Emphasis on solution and not on the problem
  • Focus on understanding and achieving your goals and capabilities
  • Simple and action oriented solutions


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Relationship Counselling

  • Gain self awareness about love languages and their importance.
  • Prerequisite of both partners attending is not required.
  • Overcome problems faced with siblings.
  • Identify the source(s) of conflict.
  • Gain an understanding about phases
    of a relationship.
  • Pre Marital Counselling.

Social Anxiety Counselling

  • Overcome hindrances caused by negative thoughts & emotions.
  • Develop a positive self esteem.
  • Learn skills useful for social & interpersonal interactions.
  • Overcome anxiety related to attending/participating in social events.
  • Overcome fear of embarrassment in social situations.
  • Overcome skipping school, work, college, parties because of anxiety.

Sleep Counselling

  • Create your ideal sleep schedule.
  • Overcome barriers to a sound sleep.
  • Effective and simple strategies to fall asleep faster.
  • Find the answers to repetitive dreams/nightmares.
  • Work on lifestyle factors hindering your sleep.
  • Fix unhealthy sleep patterns/jet lag.

Anxiety Counselling

  • Resolve unfulfilled expectations.
  • Overcome generalised tendency to worry.
  • Effectively overcome self doubt.
  • Resolve anxiety caused by past experience(s).
  • Overcome negative thought(s) pattern.
  • Learn resourceful skills to combat anxious behaviour.


I aim to help people acknowledge they’ve more to love & learn about themselves. In these trying times it’s not always easy to find the strength within. One can begin to doubt things that they once knew like the back of their hand. It is in these times external assistance can prove to be most effective. 
I aspire to help people to gain back the strength they need to believe once again. We often take the small things for granted. But more often we take our biggest asset- ourselves- lightly. 
At the end of the day all you have is your own self to fall back on. You are someone you can and are meant to trust blindly. And sometimes we forget and lose our sense of self, doubt our every move and question each intention. I work to help people to have faith in themselves once again.